How to change the Hostname on AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 8 and Rocky Linux 8

Change Hostname

The easiest way to change the hostname on AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 8, and Rocky Linux 8 is to use the hostnamectl command. First I will check the current hostname by running "hostnamectl status" on the shell of my server: hostnamectl status The output on my system is: [root@server1 ~]# hostnamectl status Static hostname: Icon ... Read more

How to convert RPM software packages to Debian (.deb) using alien

Maybe you have had this problem: you are using Debian or Ubuntu Linux and a software package you would like to install is only available in RPM format. The solution is the handy tool called alien, which converts .rpm files to .deb files. Install alien: apt-get install alien Converting an rpm package to Debian format: ... Read more

How to Change Cortana’s Voice and Language in Windows 10

Cortana language

Cortana is Windows 10's voice assistant that greatly helps you make your experience with Windows 10 extremely wonderful. It not only guides you through the use of various Windows 10 features but also allows you to customize it according to your own choice. In this article, we will explain the method you can use to ... Read more

All-In-One-Gestures Plugin for Firefox

The All-In-One-Gestures plugin for Firefox is a plugin that enables you to accomplish nearly every task you want to in Firefox with the help of drawing lines on the screen. Use All in One Gestures in Firefox You just need to assign the directions for the common task in the preferences and start drawing: By ... Read more

Get detailed information about server hardware and partitions on Ubuntu

Get Hardware info on Ubuntu

This short tutorial shows you 5 commands to get details about the system hardware of your PC, Notebook, or Server on Ubuntu and Debian. CPU details on Linux To get detailed information on the CPU, use this command: cat /proc/cpuinfo The output will look similar to this: cat /proc/cpuinfo processor       : 0 vendor_id       : AuthenticAMD ... Read more