How to access WhatsApp’s chat pinning feature

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

WhatsApp discussions - be it a normal or a group chat - change their position in the CHATS tab based on the timing of last activity. This means that active entries always sit at the top, while passive ones lie at the bottom of the list.

However, sometimes, we might want to take a look at some old messages in a chat that no longer receives messages, or is comparatively less active. Usually, the first task in case like this is to scroll the list to get to that chat entry. This can be time consuming, and undesirable when there's less time at hand.

A good solution to problems like these is to pin important chats, so they always show on top in the CHATS tab. In this tutorial, we will discuss how you can access the app's chat pinning feature. Note that the instructions mentioned in this tutorial have been tested on WhatsApp version 2.17.190.

How to pin chats in WhatsApp?

This is very easy. All you have to do is to long-press the chat entry that you want to pin, and you'll see several options appear on the top of your window. Among them is the pin icon that you'll have to use for this feature.


Tap the pin icon, and you'll see that the chat gets pinned - indicated by a pin icon on the right-side of the chat entry.


WhatsApp will also notify you that the chat has been pinned.


That's it. You can pin a maximum of 3 chats. And to unpin, long-press a pinned chat, and tap the unpin icon (pin icon with a slash/line on it).

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