How to change your Android device’s name in Play Store

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Have you ever installed an Android app on your device through the Web version of Google Play? If yes, then have you ever noticed your device being listed as "Unnamed Device"?

Unnamed Android device

If that's the case, then do you know that there's a way through which you can replace "Unnamed Device" with the actual name of your phone? If that's what you were looking for, then you'll be glad to know that in this tutorial, we'll be discussing all the steps involved.

Change your device's name in Google Play

If you are fed up of seeing the "Unnamed Device" moniker every time, the first step you need to do is to head to the Settings page.

Change Android device name

Once there, you'll see an entry for your device, as well as an Edit button towards the extreme right of that entry.

Play Store - My Devices

Needless to say, you'll have to click the Edit button, and you'll observe that the NICKNAME field becomes editable. That's what we want, right? Just enter the name of your device here.

My Device - Nickname

And when you're done editing, hit the Update button.

That's it. Now, whenever you'll try installing an app from the Play Store's Web version, you'll see your device listed as whatever name you gave it, instead of that boring "Unnamed Device."

Android device name has been set

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