How to hide photos on your Android device without password-protecting them

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Let's get it straight, somebody's phone is their personal property, and you shouldn't be asking for it in the name of playing some game or viewing your own photographs that were taken by them at, say, some party or during an outing.

While most of us understand this, there are people or situations that make you think if you could just hide some of the pics on your phone, after all everybody has some personal life, right?

There are many apps that let you easily password protect whatever you want, but here, in this tutorial, we'll discuss a way through which you can hide photos without password protecting them.

Hide photos on your Android device

What I am going to assume here is that you have a file manager/explorer app installed on you Android phone (don't think that's too much to ask for). For example, I have Arc File Manager installed on my system, but there are many others available on Google Play, so you can install the one you like if you don't have one currently.

Moving on, the process of hiding photos isn't complex or lengthy, as all you have to do is to create a new folder using the file manager app that you've installed on your device. While you can give the new folder a name of your choice, the only thing you've to make sure is that the name begins with a dot(.). For example, ".nothspcl".

The dot (.) in the beginning will make it a hidden folder - you won't be able to immediately see it after creation. To be able to see it, you'll have to enable an option in the app's Settings menu. The option could be something like: 'show hidden files/folders'

For example, following is the screenshot of the Settings menu of the file manager app I am using. The option in my case is the second one in the list: "Show/hide hidden files".

Once the folder is created and you make it visible, move the pics that you want to hide into this folder, and delete them from your default gallery app. After this, all you have to do is to disable the option you just activated, making the the folder hidden again.

That's it. This way you can hide your personal pics on Android without applying any password protection.

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