Marshmallow’s Easter egg: How to play Flappy Android on your phone

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Of course, there's no dearth of games on Android, but playing the one that comes bundled with the OS definitely gives a completely different feeling, especially when the game is hidden by default, and you have to work your way out to access it.

Case in point, the Android's version of Flappy Bird which comes pre-installed on Marshmallow. In this tutorial, we will quickly discuss how you can access this Easter Egg. Please note that all the instructions mentioned in this article have been tested on a Google Nexus 5 running Marshmallow version 6.0.1.

How to access Flappy Android on Marshmallow

To access the game, first head to Settings:

Open Android settings

Then tap the About phone option:

tap on the phone option

Once here, scroll to the Android version entry, and then tap it repeatedly and quickly.

Scroll to the android version

You should then see a 'M' icon appearing on your phone's screen:

M-icon on th screen

Tap the icon, and you'll observe that it converts to Marshmallow:

tap on the icon

Now, tap the icon repeatedly and quickly a few times, and then long press it (simply pressing and holding the graphic also works for some). This should launch the game:

Launch Flappy Android game

Hit the play icon, and start enjoying the game:

Start Flappy Android by hitting the Play icon

Oops...i couldn't last even for a couple of seconds...

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