How to get Uber time-to-pickup and pricing information through Linux command line

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Are you a Linux command line user? Are you an Uber fan as well? If your answer to both the questions is yes, then you'll be glad to know that you can easily get Uber time-to-pickup as well as pricing info through the command line.

There exists a tool -dubbed Uber-Cli- that does this job. The tool is developed by a lazy dude who finds fetching this info through Uber app a bit cumbersome. Here's what he says:

"That being said, as a lazy person it pains me every-time open my phone, open the Uber app, type my destination, and see the estimated price, only for my inner, responsible, cost-cutting, fiduciary-self to end up taking the bus all the way home."

In this article, we will discuss how to install and use Uber-cli on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.


Before installing the tool itself, you need to make sure you have 'npm' and 'node.js' tools installed on your system. If that's not the case, use the following command to download and install them:

sudo apt-get install npm node.js

Once that is done, download and install the Uber-cli tool using the following command:

npm install uber-cli -g


After the tool is installed, you can start using it. For time-to-pickup information, use the following command:

uber time 'pickup address here'

Here's an example:


And for pricing information, use the following command:

uber price -s 'start address' -e 'end address'

Following is an example of this:


For more information on Uber-cli, head to the project's official GitHub page.

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