How to Connect to SharePoint Online With the help of PowerShell Module

In this article, I'll show you how to connect to SharePoint Online with the help of a PowerShell module. Prerequisites Download and then Install SharePoint Online Management Shell from the following link: Connecting to SharePoint Online Open PowerShell with elevated privileges Execute the following command Connect-SPOService –Url https://<name of tenant> –Credential <suppose>

Where to Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Trial

You can download and install the 180-days trial version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 from Microsoft website. Following are the few steps I have listed below. Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Open the following link in your favorite browser, Read the requirements listed on that page. Click the 'Download' button and the download will start ... Read more

Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool

Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool Windows Azure Active Directory sync tool is used to connect Azure AD with Windows Server AD or on-premises AD. Prerequisites This tool has the following prerequisites: Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2 .NET 4.5 PowerShell (Preferably PS3 or better) The machine on which you are installing AAD Sync can ... Read more

Valid Domains in Office 365

You can add multiple domains to Office 365, but each domain should have valid Internet domain suffix such as .com, .net, and .org. Following are some examples of valid domains: Following are some examples of invalid domains and they cannot be added in Office 365: contoso (Single labeled domain is not ... Read more

What is Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer

This tool is used to check remote connectivity with Microsoft O365 services including Exchange, and Lync Online. It is used to identify the causes of following issues: Verification of users' credentials.  Licenses. Updates to Outlook clients. Outlook servers reach ability. The results retrieved by this tool are automatically saved in a log file for further ... Read more

Office 365 Service Health Icons

In this article, I have listed various Office 365 service health icons and their meanings. I found these icons while I was preparing for my O365 certification exam. I will also walk you through the steps to access an O365 health dashboard. Service Health Icons with their Meanings Icons Icons Description    The service is ... Read more