How to Migrate AD Workstation and Member Server in the same Forest Using ADMT 3.2

I have already shown you how to migrate users in the same forest in my earlier post. In this article, I'll show you how to migrate AD workstation and member servers in the same forest using ADMT 3.2. Migrating a Single Computer Step 1. Login to the computer with anthe ADMT migration account into the target ... Read more

How to Configure Credential Caching on Read-Only Domain Controller Windows Server 2016 Using PowerShell

We have already configured a Read-Only Domain Controller Windows Server 2016 Using PowerShell. In this related guide, we will see how we can configure credential caching on RODC Windows Server 2016. So when a branch user authenticates, their passwords are replicated and cached on RODC. Passwords of those users are cached which are in password ... Read more

PowerShell modules for O365 Services

Question: Are there any PowerShell modules for Yammer, Dynamics 365, and Teams Online? Answer: Following are the PowerShell modules you can use to connect to different O365 services: PowerShell module for SharePoint Online PowerShell module for Skype for Business Online There are no PowerShell modules for Yammer and Teams Online. However, It seems you can ... Read more

How to Schedule a Script in Task Scheduler Using PowerShell

You can schedule a script in the Windows task scheduler to run automatically and perform a task without user intervention. You can schedule that script by using server manager or PowerShell. This post focuses on scheduling a script using PowerShell. This article assumes you have already created a PowerShell script file (I'll use FindOutADUsers.ps1 here) the shall be scheduled. ... Read more