How to Prepopulate Password on Read-Only Domain Controller Windows Server 2016 Using PowerShell

If a password replication policy (PRP) is configured and the branch users are added into an allowed password replication group, their passwords are cached on Read-Only Domain Controller when they login to computers at the branch office. However, you can prepopulate their passwords before they login using PowerShell. Prepopulate Password on Read-Only Domain Controller Step 1. ... Read more

Common Uses of Windows PowerShell

PowerShell is a new Windows Shell which is developed by Microsoft and it is available in almost every Windows operating system (both client and server) these days. It has following important uses: PowerShell helps you in automation of various tasks. Suppose you can take advantage of PowerShell script if you would like to shut down your ... Read more

How to Find Newly Added Users in AD in Last 24 Hours Using PowerShell

Adding new users, updating and removing existing users is a day to day task of system engineers. At the end of the day, you or an IT manager may need to find out which new users have been added in the active directory for security or auditing purposes. The PowerShell script written in this article can help you to ... Read more

PowerShell script for toggling network configuration between dynamic and static on Windows 7

Changing network configuration can be a real pain if you use your computer, a notebook for example, in more than one different network where you need a static configuration instead of a dynamic. Although Windows offers one alternate configuration it is quite circumstantial to access. The following PowerShell script will change network configurations with only ... Read more