How to establish a bluetooth connection between two devices

Most mobile devices are capable of establishing bluetooth links these days. Although it is rather slow, it provides a handy way of sharing limited amounts of data wirelessly. Here I will explain how to do that on a Windows computer capable of bluetooth. First, you need to check if you have enabled all services that ... Read more

How to Turn On and Use the Bluetooth in Windows 10

Windows 10 Bluetooth

Going back in the past where the computer systems were a new invention, we realize that there were no adequate methods of transferring the data from one device to another. However, as technology progressed, the most convenient and easy to use file transfer methods were devised. Earlier, those methods were restricted only to those devices, ... Read more

How to Use Dynamic Lock to Automatically Lock your PC in Windows 10

Windows Dynamic Lock

Your computer contains all sort of information ranging from credentials of online banking to social media accounts and a lot of other confidential information. If you have to move quickly and you forgot to lock your PC, a person can easily gain access to all of your credentials and private information. Windows 10 has presented ... Read more

How to Check the Bluetooth Version in Windows 10

Windows 10 Bluetooth version

Sometimes while telling the specifications of your computer system to someone, you need to tell them the exact versions of the hardware and software installed on your computer system. The Bluetooth feature lets you share your files with the paired devices. Many people ask this question that how to find out the Bluetooth version in ... Read more