Save Time On Windows Start-up

To boot your Windows machine faster, it is possible to disable the graphical user interface used during system start-up (the Windows logo loading screen). To accomplish that, hit Windows key + R on your desktop to call a Run prompt and enter msconfig. On the appearing window, go to the Boot tab and activate the ... Read more

How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows 10 Settings App

Manage startup apps in Windows 10

The startup programs in Windows 10 are those programs that start running automatically as soon as you turn on your computer system. Mostly, those applications or programs are kept at the startup, which is very critical and support the regular functionality of your operating system. These startup programs have a very high impact on your ... Read more

Defragment Boot Files on Windows 7

Apart from the usual file defragmentation on Windows 7, there is another undocumented function that rearranges boot files to grant faster access on them, resulting in shorter boot times. The usual boot options can be viewed by entering defrag -? into a command line window (this can be done in any command line window; to ... Read more