Resolve Java issues in Opera

From time to time you may experience problems with the execution of the Java plugin in the Opera browser. This happens because its path is not correctly configured in the options. To resolve the issue, open an Opera browser window and enter opera:config#UserPrefs|PluginPath into the URL bar. There should already be one path in the Plugin ... Read more

Google Chrome browser alternative: SRWare Iron

Many people may dislike Google Chrome products for some annoyances, such as the Google Updater installed alongside Chrome or the communications between Chrome and Google. Therefore, SRWare has developed an own fork of the popular browser which is built from the open-sourced Chromium code and is a near perfect copy of chrome, except that it ... Read more

Disable AVG Advisor memory usage pop-up

Users of AVG 2012 antivirus software will already have noticed the AVG Advisor pop-ups informing you about high memory usage of browsers (I usually get them from 300 MB RAM upwards) which come up relatively often and are quite annoying since your browser uses more memory the more tabs you open. But as in most ... Read more

Firefox browser alternatives for Windows

Firefox is a browser designed for a large variety of systems and even meant to run on really old ones. This brings along the conflict of improved performance on newer systems and backwards compatibility. Since Mozilla itself considers the latter more important, other third party developers are providing forks of Firefox that concentrate on effectiveness ... Read more

How to Enable Microsoft Edge Browser’s Dark Mode in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Browser Dark Mode

Some people are more convenient in working with a dark themed environment. Windows 10 lets you customize your work environment in numerous ways so that it can keep every type of user happy. In this article, we will explain to you the method through which you can enable the dark mode of Microsoft Edge browser ... Read more

How to Clear the History in Any Web Browser in Windows 10

Clear Windows Browser History

All the web browsers that we use these days have the feature of saving your browsing history enabled by default. This feature lets a browser to keep a track of all your activities that you perform while using that browser. This feature is beneficial in one way and harmful in the other. The advantage of ... Read more

How to Disable Personalized Ads on Microsoft Sites and Apps in Windows 10

Disable Personalized Microsoft Ads in Windows

Windows 10 has the ability to keep a track of all your activities that you perform while surfing on the Internet. This feature lets you view such ads while using the Internet that matches your interest. However, some people find this feature really annoying and they do not want such personalized ads to pop up ... Read more