How to Clear Recently Used Desktop Background Images from Windows 10 Settings

Clear Windows Background Image History

The Desktop background images are those images that are displayed on your Desktop as soon as you sign in to your computer system. The most recent five Desktop images are stored in your registry in Windows 10. If you ever want to get rid of any of these images, you can simply do this by ... Read more

How to Enable Color Filters to Read the Screen More Clearly in Windows 10

Set Windows Color Filters

It is obvious from the title that color filters help us to read the screen more clearly in Windows 10. Color filters, in fact, enhance the screen colors or sometimes, hide some of the colors, depending upon the situation. This feature helps the people who are slightly colorblind or cannot comprehend some of the colors. ... Read more

How to Pin the Recycle Bin Icon on Desktop in Windows 10

Show Recycle-Bin Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Sometimes, while performing your routine tasks on Windows, it happens that you accidentally delete or hide some important and default icons from your desktop. In such cases, it becomes necessary for you to restore these icons because they facilitate you a lot while performing your routine activities. In this article, we will explain to you ... Read more