How to Automate Common Maintenance Tasks (Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation) in Windows 10

Automate Windows 10 maintenance tasks

While using any operating system, the users are supposed to perform some maintenance related tasks on their own in order to keep their operating system up and running. However, Windows 10 provides its users with the capability to automate these maintenance tasks and takes off that burden of performing these tasks manually from the users’ ... Read more

How to Save Disk Space by Cleaning the WinSxS Folder in Windows 10

Clean WinSxS folder in Windows 10

Windows 10 contains a folder named WinSxS, which includes such files that are required at the time of Windows installation or update. This folder also contains the backups of these files so that whenever your original files fail or crash, you can still use your Windows 10 comfortably by restoring the required information from the ... Read more

Delete Windows.old Folders from Previous Windows Installations

Windows takes a nice precaution for us when it comes to installing a clean Windows system on a hard drive or partition that already has a version of Windows installed: If you forgot to backup files from your old installation but already have the fresh one installed you still have a way of getting what ... Read more