A device that should be recognized is not on Windows

Even Windows' wonderful plug-and-play feature lets us down sometimes. It might happen that a device you connected to your machine, be it by port or wireless, is not recognized by Windows and thus cannot be installed. A common reason for that to happen with wireless devices is that Windows already tried to install the device ... Read more

Access Denied on Windows 7 – AccessGain Tool

On Windows 7 it may happen that you are denied access to files that you regularly own and have permission to write to, even if you are logged in as administrator, perform the action as administrator or from an elevated command prompt or try to access it in safe mode. If this happens to you ... Read more

How to Disable Automatic Driver Downloads in Windows 10

Disable automatic driver installation

Windows 10 has the ability to download or update your drivers automatically. In this way, it takes away the burden of downloading them manually from the users’ shoulders. However, some users still prefer to do this manually in order to retain their previous settings. In this article, we will explain to you the method through ... Read more