How to associate a file extension with a specific application in Windows 10

Windows File Extensions

A default program is a program that Windows uses to open a specific application. For example, when you double click on a .txt file, notepad will open because the file extension .txt is associated with notepad by default. But sometimes you may want to associate the file extension with your favorite application. In this article, ... Read more

Change selection color in Ubuntu 12.04 themes (Linux)

The color of selection elements in themes used by Ubuntu 12.04 is determined by a single value and is therefore the same for all of them: highlightened buttons, files, menu items as well as the selection box that you get by holding and dragging your mouse. You can set this value in the settings.ini of ... Read more

How to Show the Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 10

Show hidden files and folders in Windows 10

Sometimes while working in Windows 10, we try to locate an important file or folder but we are unable to find it. It happens because Windows 10 or any other operating system intentionally keep some of the files and folders hidden so that the users might not accidentally delete or modify those files and folders ... Read more