How to Use the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Windows on-screen keyboard

Windows 10 has designed the on-screen keyboard feature especially for those machines that facilitate touch-screen. You can conveniently type with the on-screen keyboard even without the need of pressing the keys of your physical keyboard with the help of your fingers. In this article, we will explain to you some methods through which you can ... Read more

How to Enable or Disable Text Keyboard Suggestions on Windows 10

Disable Windows Text Keyboard suggestions

On Windows 10, text ideas could be obtained for a long period as you write, but it was accessible only with the on-screen keyboard. It is now feasible to receive text recommendations using a hardware keyboard, beginning with Windows 10 version. This is a very useful and important feature and Microsoft aims to provide users ... Read more

How to take screenshots with a Mac keyboard on Windows

Mac keyboards do not have the PrtScr key that you need to make screenshots on Windows machines. An easy way to circumvent that problem without getting a new keyboard is to use the built-in Windows on-screen keyboard. Regardless of what hardware keyboard is attached to the machine, the on-screen keyboard always provides the same keys including ... Read more