Postfix: One of the users on the system has a CatchAll-email address. He receives all emails, even those intended for users of another site on the same server.

Please check if the domain of the users that receives all emails is the same as the domain $mydomain in /etc/postfix/ If this is the case, change $mydomain and run: postfix reload on the shell. You should never enter a domain that is used for a virtual site on the server as $mydomain in /etc/postfix/!

Export & Import Exchange Mailboxes to PST Files

Exchange PST import and Export

Exchange mailboxes are used by companies for storage of information such as emails, contacts, and events, etc. With the assistance of email clients, this information available on the server can be fetched and modified. Sometimes data migration is required for enabling offline access while in situations where data corruption occurs in Exchange due to a ... Read more