Change to classic skin when unplugging notebook from power source in Windows

Windows 7 comes with the Aero skin by default which might look nice but consumes a great deal of resources - and with them, power. I have experienced a loss of up to two hours of battery life on my notebook when turning Aero on which one can get back by switching to the classic ... Read more

View Detailed Power Efficiency Analysis (Windows 7)

Windows 7 comes along with a helpful command-line utility that lets you view your computer's power efficiency. It provides you with information about your processor utilisation, the processes taking up the most CPU resources, your current power plan and, if there are any, errors and warnings about your efficiency. To access it, open a command ... Read more

How to handle new ‘Power Throttling’ for Windows 10 to save battery life

Windows 10 Power Throttling

Windows 10 also conducts ‘Power Throttling’ of software, including conventional Windows desktop programs and background functions. Windows 10’s update will improve battery life on laptops and tablets by reducing the CPU available to background applications. If that creates an issue, you can tell Windows to not conduct power throttling for certain and specific processes. There ... Read more