How to Disable Cortana’s Ever-Present Listening and Clear its Existing Data in Windows 10

Stop Cortana Listening

Whenever you enable Windows 10’s voice assistant Cortana, it is always in the listening mode and it listens to whatever you say either intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, it even picks up those conversations that are not even intended for your computer system and hence it messes up the things. Moreover, it also keeps a track ... Read more

How to associate a file extension with a specific application in Windows 10

Windows File Extensions

A default program is a program that Windows uses to open a specific application. For example, when you double click on a .txt file, notepad will open because the file extension .txt is associated with notepad by default. But sometimes you may want to associate the file extension with your favorite application. In this article, ... Read more

How to uninstall Windows 10?

Get ready for the turnaround

You’ve been a proud owner of the latest Windows 10 for more than a week now, but soon enough you found that the new operating system’s just not effective that much for you? The reason could be anything like a mission critical program doesn’t work right, or you hate the new Start menu, or maybe Cortana is giving you the skulk.

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Reveal hidden files and folders in Windows

Windows hides certain files and folders by default to prevent the unexperienced users from messing with them.  In some situations however it is necessary to view them, e.g. to backup some data from the hidden App Data folder. So to make hidden files visible, open the Control Center and head to Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options. Open ... Read more