How to Customize Firefox with about:config

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

Apart from the wide variety of plugins available for Mozilla Firefox and the option to configure it in the Preferences window, there is another, slightly more hidden feature to customize Firefox' behavior . To access it, enter about:config into your url bar. You will be directed to a warning on first access which you should take seriously:

Once you hit the button you will find yourself inside a giant table of variables with a filterbar at the top which you can use to narrow your results down. Do not change any option when you are not sure of the effects! Here are a few ones you might consider changing to make Firefox a little more handy (if they are not present in your current table, you can add them by rightclicking on it):

dom.max_script_run_time - determines the time before Firefox gives back a timeout from a connection request (in seconds). - 0 will open all links as all new windows are treated by Firefox, 1 will allow no new windows and 2 is just as 0 except if Javascript tells something else

security.dialog_enable_delay - determines the delay before being able to download a plugin

accessibilty.tabfocus - determines which elements are selected when pressing the tab key, 1 is forms, 2 is other elements, 4 is links and 7 is all elements - closes downloadmanager after completion of download it true

browser.urlbar.autofill - autocompletes links entered in the url bar
middlemouse.paste - a click on the mousewheel will use the paste function, as in Linux

browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo - determines the amount of closed tabs you can recover

browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo - determines the amount of closed windows you can recover

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