How to Create an Active Directory Account Using Powershell in Windows Server

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Creating new AD accounts or removing AD accounts is a day to day task for a system administrators when new employees may be joining or any existing employee may be leaving the company. While the GUI is an easy way for this purpose if you add just a single account, it would be time-consuming if the accounts are in bulk or when the process shall be automated.

This article demonstrates how to create both single and multiple AD accounts using PowerShell in Server 2012 R2.

Creating a Single AD Account

To create a single user account for a fictive person named Sam Perry using sperry for SAM account name and for user principal name, issue the following command on Powershell:

PS C:\> New-ADUser -Name "Sam Perry" -GivenName Sam -Surname Perry -SamAccountName sperry -UserPrincipalName

When the above command has been executed successfully, it won't return anything on the command prompt. So don't worry when you see no response.

Creating a Single Account with Password

To create an account with password, issue the following command on powershell.

PS C:\> New-ADUser -Name "Sam Perry" -GivenName Sam -Surname Perry -SamAccountName sperry -UserPrincipalName -AccountPassword @perry1

Creating and Enabling a New User Account

The account created with above PowerShell command will be disabled by default unless you explicitly enable it. The following single command will create a new account and enable it.

PS C:\> New-ADUser -Name "Sam Perry" -GivenName Sam -Surname Perry -SamAccountName sperry -UserPrincipalName -AccountPassword @admin1 -PassThru | Enable-ADAccount

Creating Multiple Accounts

You may require creating AD accounts in bulk e.g. when hundreds of new students join the college or university. You can create a CSV file that contains the user information. Import the file using the PowerShell command and input it to New-ADUSer cmdlet.

I have a CSV file with following user information:

Sara Ali,Sara,Ali,sali,
Mariam Khan,Mariam,Khan,mkhan,
Maria Chopra,Maria,Chopra,mchopra,

Issue the following command which reads the CSV file and pipes its content to the New-ADUser cmdlet, sets the password for each user account as Pa$$w0rd and then enable the account.

PS C:\> Import-Csv C:\data\new-users.csv | New-ADUser -PassThru | Set-ADAccountPassword -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText 'Pa$$w0rd' -Force) -PassThru | Enable-ADAccount

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