What is Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Federation Services is a Microsoft service which allows the sharing of identity information between partners beyond of an AD forest. The users can use their AD username and password to access Office 365 (for example) and they won't be prompted to provide login credentials.The username name and password will be maintained by the administrator from a single place ... Read more

What is Windows Boot Manager (BOOTMGR)

Windows Boot Manager (BOOTMGR) is a small piece of software which helps the Windows operating system to start. It actually loads the operating system into memory. When a computer is powered up, the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) performs some initial tests and then transfer control to the MBR (Master Boot Record) where the boot ... Read more

What is Windows Server Failover Clustering

Windows Server Failover clustering is a feature of the server generation of Windows operating systems for improving high availability of applications and services. In a Windows server failover cluster, one of the servers is an active server while another server is a standby server. For the servers to participate in a failover cluster, they must have ... Read more

What is the Active Directory Rights Management Service

Active Directory Rights Management Services or Rights Management Services is a server technology which is used to encrypt information in documents such as e-mails or Microsoft Word. It prevents that the encrypted content is accessed by unauthorized users with the help of policies. Only an authorized group of users can decrypt it in some environments, in certain ... Read more

How to Remotely Access a Windows Computer on Network

You can remotely access a Windows computer on your network using the installed "Remote Desktop Connection" program. This tool is available on all recent Windows versions. Windows Remote Desktop Connection To start the connection, follow this guide. 1. Open a Remote Desktop Connection program. 2. Type in the remote computer name or IP address and ... Read more

How to Create a Multicast Transmission on Windows Deployment Server 2012 R2

Multicasting is the ability to deploy a Windows system image to multiple clients without putting extra overhead on the network. With multicast transmission, a single copy of an image is sent over the network and multiple clients receive that copy at the same time, so there is less chance of congestion. Multicast Transmission on Windows Deployment ... Read more