What is the Active Directory Rights Management Service

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

Active Directory Rights Management Services or Rights Management Services is a server technology which is used to encrypt information in documents such as e-mails or Microsoft Word. It prevents that the encrypted content is accessed by unauthorized users with the help of policies. Only an authorized group of users can decrypt it in some environments, in certain defined conditions and for a certain period of time. Some operations like printing, copying, editing, forwarding and deleting can be allowed or disallowed through the use of templates. Templates are collections of rights grouped together.

ADRMS works in server and client fashion. The server is made up of many web services that run on a Microsoft server while the client either runs on the client or server operating system and contains functions that enable an application to encrypt or decrypt the content, obtain licenses and certificates from a server and perform other security related tasks.

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