Enter Safe Mode in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

In previous versions of Windows, it was always possible to troubleshoot problems by booting into Safe Mode by hammering on the F8 button on start-up - with Windows 8 CP, this process has become slightly more complicated.

On first glance you may think that safe mode is only to be entered after setting the appropriate options in the msconfig menu accessible by typing the same into a Run prompt. You can do this, however there is also an option you can use on boot - the key combination for that has changed to Shift + F8. So to enter safe mode on boot, hold Shift and hammer your finger on F8 again before the fish appears. If the fish appears without any notion of any repairing attempts, restart again. On the first attempt to do this, it will most likely not work. I needed six or seven attempts to actually get into the advanced boot options, if it does not work for you, try harder! If it did however, you will notice some line stating something about repair. After some possible minutes of auto-repairing the computer itself, Windows 8 finally shows you the advanced troubleshooting menu. Click Advanced Options:

Afterwards select Troubleshoot:

Head for Advanced options:

Afterwards choose Windows Startup Settings:

The next screen shows the actions that will be taken in Safe Mode. Click Restart:

The computer will be rebooted afterwards and you will be taken to the Safe Mode selection screen of the old days:

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