Set Up Alarms in Windows 10 – Lead a Productive Life

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Time is money in today’s chaotic world and alarms help us a great deal in making our lives easier by managing and prioritizing it for us. But let's be honest, not many of us possess the traditional alarm clocks at our residence so instead, we set alarms on our smartphones. But what if your smartphone gets lost or you simply don’t prefer using alarms on smartphones? Another convenient alternative, especially if you work on your personal computer, is to set your alarms using Windows 10.

Set Alarm in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a very handy built-in app called “Alarms & Clock”. If you’re a fan of easy to use apps with a clean design, you’ll love this one for sure. You can use it to organize and manage your time and schedule by following the steps below:

Step 1: Type “Alarms” in the Windows 10 search box “Ask me anything” on the desktop and click on the option “Alarms and Clock” to open the app.

Step 2: In the Alarm tab, click on “+” sign at the bottom-right of the screen to
add a new alarm.

Step 3: Using your mouse or the up and down buttons, set the time for your
new alarm using the scroll wheel in hours and minutes along with the AM/PM
selection boxes.

Step 4: Type in a new name in the “Alarm name” field e.g. Good morning.

Step 5: Setup the number of days you want the alarm to repeat on using the “Repeat” section. Simply check mark the days you want the alarm to repeat itself on.

Step 6: Click on the “Sound” option to select your choice of sound for your new alarm. You can preview the sound too by pressing the “Play” button.

Step 7: Select a “Snooze” time for your alarm.

Step 8: Click on the Save icon on the bottom-right side of the screen to save your new alarm.

Please note that your screen might display “Notifications will only show if the PC is awake. You need to make sure your PC never goes to sleep by configuring the “Power and Sleep” settings to make sure all your alarms go off on time.

Please also ensure your volume settings are according to the sound level you need for the alarm and that your personal computer is plugged into a power source.

Once you’ve successfully setup your alarm, you’ll receive a notification right on top of your system tray when it goes off. If you want the alarm to snooze for the preset time, click on “Snooze” but if you want to shut the alarm off, for the time being, click on the “Dismiss” button.

That’s it! No more excuses for getting late or forgetting important tasks now onwards. Follow this simple guide and you’re all set for your next scheduled point with the “Alarms and Clock” on your PC using Windows 10.

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