Slipstream Service Packs Into Windows XP Installation Disk

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

To slipstream (=integrate) MS Windows Service Packs into an existing Windows XP Installation Disk you need an installation Disk, a working copy of Windows, the downloaded Service Pack, a burning software capable of burning bootable images (for example ImgBurn, which is also free), a DVD burner and an empty disk.
First copy all files of the installation disk into a folder on your hard disk (don't forget any hidden files) and download the Service Packs you need. Then open a command line by typing cmd into a Run... prompt and direct it to the directory the Service Pack you want to integrate is in with the cd (change directory) command, for example like this:

cd C:\Service_Packs

Don't forget to double-quote the path if there are any Space characters in it. Next, enter the file name of the Service Pack followed by the integrate switch and the path of the installation disk files in the following syntax:

WINDOWSXP-KB936929-SP3-X86-DEU.EXE /integrate:C:\Windows_XP_Install

Windows_XP_Install is the folder where I copied the files of the disk into and is located directly on the <em>C:</em> drive. After the process is done, create an image from the altered installation files and burn it as bootable CD/DVD.

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