View Detailed Power Efficiency Analysis (Windows 7)

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

Windows 7 comes along with a helpful command-line utility that lets you view your computer's power efficiency. It provides you with information about your processor utilisation, the processes taking up the most CPU resources, your current power plan and, if there are any, errors and warnings about your efficiency. To access it, open a command line window by entering cmd into a Run... prompt. The basic command to use is


To get more information, use the question-mark switch like this: "powercfg -?" (leave out the quotes). The function we want to use however is (close all other windows and programs if possible before you do this)

powercfg -energy

This command will watch your computer for 60 seconds and then save a *.html file with a report in the location where you ran the command line (which should be your user's folder by default):

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