What are step by step instructions to fix Paint 3D not working in Windows 10

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Paint 3D is an interface that works with an installation for Windows 10. Many consumers, however, have experienced different problems with this program. It is an addition to the prior Paint program and enhancement. Paint 3D has a range of choices and it has the option to alter 3D, as the name suggests. In fact, the issues with an application extend from the application not opening to issues with imports and admissions. Windows 10 Paint 3D not functioning is both a sync issue and a concern with corrupt files. We will direct you through the multiple processes in this article to repair Paint 3D that is not functioning on Windows 10.

Settle Paint 3D not working in Windows 10

To settle Paint 3D not working in Windows 10, take after any of these strategies bit by bit.


The first strategy is to reset the application. This technique can be utilized regardless. Paint 3D not working will introduce a mistake message saying "Paint 3D isn't right now accessible in your record". This message may be either due to a sync problem or it may have infected the files.

On the left corner of the taskbar, push off the Search button. A discourse box will show with a search box. Then, in the search box, type Settings and tap the Settings selection from the search result as the picture appears afterwards.

As you will hit the Settings choice from the search result, you may see the Windows Settings screen as takes after.

Pick the Apps decision from the Windows Settings screen as highlighted in the screen capture above. In the next picture, it will appear like this.

The screen is split into two pieces, as you can see. Select the Apps & features decision from the left half of the screen. The correct side will show a ton of decisions as follows.

Now write Paint 3D in the search bar and that application will show below that. Now hit off the Paint 3D program and you will see the subsequent choices.

Hit the list of Advanced options as seen in the picture described. Presently look down the following screen and hit off the Reset button as featured in the screen capture beneath.

Make your computer restart. This solution will resolve the problem of error.


If the error cannot be corrected when the program is reset, it is recommended that the software can be completely uninstalled and then reinstalled. In addition, it will delete any records that have created problems with the submission.

To uninstall the program and reinstall it, follow this.

On the left corner of the taskbar, push off the Search button. A discourse box will show with a search box. Then, in the search box, type Windows PowerShell and right tap the Windows PowerShell selection from the search result. A menu will pop out. Select the Run as administrator choice from the popped out menu as the picture appears afterwards.

As you will hit the Run as administrator choice, the subsequent editor will show.

Sort the taking after command into the PowerShell editor.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.MSPaint | Remove-AppxPackage

After that, hit off the Enter key.

This will make the Paint 3D program uninstalled. Get to the Microsoft Store to reinstall it, and introduce Paint 3D from there. Now the issue will be solved by following this process.


Windows 10 offers a feature through which you can fix Paint 3D not working in Windows 10. This article contains the two different procedures of that feature. The first method is to reset the 3D Paint application and the second method is to uninstall the application and then again reinstall it. These two methods will settle this mistake and you won't see this blunder any longer. If you are thinking to utilize this feature, have a look at the article. It is apt to solve the mentioned error.

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