What is DFSDiag.exe

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DFSDiag.exe is a command line tool which is used to diagnose problems in DFS namespace.

Following is the complete syntax of the command:

dfsdiag [ /TestDCs [/Domain:<Domain name>]| /TestSites </Machine:<server name>| /DFSPath:<namespace root or DFS folder> [/Recurse]> [/Full] | /TestDFSConfig /DFSRoot:<namespace> | /TestDFSIntegrity /DFSRoot:<DFS root path> [/Recurse] [/Full] | /TestReferral /DFSPath:<DFS path for getting referrals> [/Full] | /?] 

Description of dfsdiag Parameters

The command has the following parameters:

  • TestDCs -  Checks the domain controller configuration.
  • TestSites - Checks the site associations.
  • TestDFSConfig - Checks the DFS namespace configuration.
  • TestDFSIntegrity - Checks the DFS namespace integrity.
  • TestReferral - Checks the referral responses.
  • /? - Displays help at the command prompt.

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