Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts Around Windows 10

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Who doesn’t love shortcuts, especially if they help us get things done in less time? Time is in fact money and most of us can’t afford to lose it while working for long hours on our PCs. Keyboard shortcuts are a much more efficient and practical way of getting things done as compared to using multiple clicks of a mouse. If you’re an avid user of keyboards, you can enhance your overall Windows 10 experience by knowing exactly which keyboard shortcuts will help you get things done quicker.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a comprehensive keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Windows 10:


Keyboard shortcut                            Action

Windows key                                      Open or close the Start Menu

Windows key + A                                Open the Action center

Windows key + C                                Open Cortana in listening mode

Windows key + D                                Display and hide your desktop

Windows key + E                                Open the File Explorer

Windows key + G                               Open the Game bar when a game is open

Windows key + H                                Open the Share charm

Windows key + I                                 Open Settings

Windows key + K                                Open the Connect quick action

Windows key + L                                Lock your PC or switch between accounts

Windows key + M                               Minimize all windows

Windows key + R                                Open Run dialog box

Windows key + S                                Open Search

Windows key + U                                Open Ease of Access Center

Windows key + X                                Open the Quick Link menu

Windows key + Left arrow key           Snap app windows left

Windows key + Right arrow key         Snap app windows right

Windows key + Up arrow key              Maximize app windows

Windows key + Down arrow key        Minimize app windows

Windows key + Comma                      Temporarily peek at the desktop

Windows key + Ctrl +D                        Add a virtual desktop

Windows key + Ctrl + L/R arrow         Switch between virtual desktops

Windows key + Ctrl + F4                     Close current virtual desktop

Windows key + Enter                           Open Narrator

Windows key + Home                          Minimize all but the active window

Windows key + PrtScn                        Capture a screenshot

Windows key + Shift + Up arrow        Stretch the desktop window

Windows key + Tab                             Open Task view

Windows key + "+" key                        Zoom in using the magnifier

Windows key + "-" key                         Zoom out using the magnifier

Windows Key + Alt + D                       Opens Date & Time

Alt + Tab                                             Switch between apps that are open

Alt + F4                                               Exit the active window

Alt + Left arrow key                           Go back

Alt + Right arrow key                          Go forward

Alt + Page Up                                     Move up one screen

Alt + Page down                                 Move down one screen

Ctrl + Shift + Esc                                Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Alt +Tab                                     View open apps

Ctrl + C                                               Copy selected item

Ctrl + X                                                Cut selected item

Ctrl + V                                                Paste selected item

Ctrl + A                                                Select all

Ctrl + Z                                               Undo action

Ctrl + Y                                               Redo action

Ctrl + D                                              Delete the item into the Recycle bin

Ctrl + Esc                                           Open Start Menu

Ctrl + Shift                                          Switch the keyboard layout

Ctrl + R                                              Refresh the active window


To cut it short

Even though memorizing keyboard shortcuts may come off as daunting at first, but once you get the hang of them, they’ll make your life super easy and productive.

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