How to Access a Remote Desktop on Windows 10

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Providing support to end users on a local area network is a day to day job of IT technicians. Visiting each employee in case of issues is hectic especially when there are hundreds of users on the network. With remote desktop feature or RDP,  IT technicians can remotely access the Windows desktop and troubleshoot the issues without physically walking to each end user.

This tutorial can help you with accessing the desktop of a remote machine on a local area network. This tutorial is valid for every recent Windows operating system (I mean Windows 7/8/10/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016).


Before you access a desktop, make sure the remote access settings are turned on, on the machine you need to access. You can check that with the help of following steps.

  1. Press Ctrl + X from your keyboard. Click System -> Remote settings.
  2. Open the Remote tab and look for allow remote connections to this computer (It should be checked).

Allow remote connections to this computer

Access a Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Step 1.  In the search bar, type remote desktop. Click on 'Remote Desktop Connection app' when found.

Remote Desktop Connection App

Step 2. Type in an IP address or NetBIOS name of the remote machine and click Connect.

Enter the target IP or netbios name

Step 3. Provide the username and password of an account on the remote machine and click OK.

Enter user credentials

Step 4. Wait for few seconds, then you will see the desktop of the remote machine.

Windows Remote Desktop


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