How to Change Date, Time and Time Zone in Windows 10 Professional

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by admin

You can change the date, time, and time zone of your Windows 10 machine in just four-to-five steps. Following are those four steps:

Change Windows Time and Timezone

Step 1: Double click the clock located in the right-most corner of the taskbar and then click on Date and time settings.

Click on the windows clock

Step 2: switch "Set time automatically" to off and click on the Change button.

Set automatic time to off in Windows 10

Step 3: Change the date and time and click Change.

Change date and time in Windows 10

Step 4: Choose the time zone according to your region and click OK.

Choose time zone

That's it, you change the time zone of your Windows 10 computer successfully.


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