How to Create a USB Recovery Drive in Windows 10

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Are you afraid of your Windows 10 operating system being corrupted? Most systems let you create a custom recovery partition in your hard disk, but what if your hard disk gets corrupted then that recovery will be useless. Creating an external hard drive or USB drive for recovery is a more reliable way to access your troubleshoot media. It's better to be already prepared for the situation before the system runs into an issue.

Windows 10 allows you to create an external recovery drive that can help you to restore or recover from a serious error. It actually creates a media, usually on the external drive to start your system in case of any problem and to re-install the operating system.

To start with creating a recovery medium, connect a USB drive to your computer. If you want to backup system files on the recovery drive, make sure you use a USB of more than 16GB size.

Type recovery drive in the search window of your Windows 10 computer and then select Recovery Drive from search results.

Recovery Drive

That will launch a Recovery Drive wizard. Make sure the checkbox Back up system files to the recovery drive is checked in case if you want to perform a backup of the system files.

Create Recovery Drive

Click Next. This will take a little bit of time, but it’s well worth to select this option because, in the end, you will have a recovery drive using which you can re-install Windows.

Now select the USB flash drive you want to use as a recovery drive. All previous drive data will be formatted, be sure to backup the USB drive data before this process.

After selecting the required USB drive, click Next.

Select USB Media

When you’re ready. Proceed with the creation process. Click Create. It will erase all data in the USB drive and copy the necessary system files.

Create Recovery Drive in Windows 10

The next screen will show you the progress of the recovery drive. This will take a long time, especially if you are copying the system files, so be patient.

Copying System

Once the process is finished, you will see the below window displaying The recovery drive is ready. Click Finish to close the window.

Backup finished

Creating a recovery drive is really simple and very useful to recover from any damage. Recovery device is nice to have on hand if your system gets corrupted, simply plug in the USB recovery drive on your system and boot from it.

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