How to Customize Command Prompt’s Screen Color in Windows 10

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As we all know that the traditional outlook of command prompt is not that much appealing and catchy. Sometimes while working in that environment, it gets very much dull and boring and you feel the need of modifying or customizing that traditional screen a little so that it can grasp your interest and attention. In the scope of this article, we will try to explain you how you can customize command prompt’s screen color to make it look a little bit attractive. Let us proceed towards our formal explanation.

Customizing the Screen Color of Command Prompt on Windows 10

For doing this, you need to perform the following steps:

Type cmd in the search section of your taskbar.

Open command prompt

From the menu shown in the image above, click on command prompt. Its default screen will appear which is shown below:

Windows command prompt ready to be used

Now, right click on the command prompt icon located at the top left corner as shown below:

Click on command prompt icon

From the menu shown above, click on Properties and a new window will appear.

Command prompt properties

From the window shown above, click on Colors tab.

Colors tab

Here you can choose any color given in the list. For example, if I want to set the screen color to maroon, I will simply click on the fifth color from right and then click OK.

Choose color for command prompt

Now, my command prompt screen will turn maroon as shown below:

Command prompt with red background


This is how you can customize the color of your command prompt screen in a very few simple steps. Your screen color will stay as it is unless you change it otherwise. Hence, you can avoid your command prompt environment to look dull and boring.


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