How to Enable the Filter Keys in Windows 10

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by admin

Filter keys allow Windows computer to ignore or delay the brief and repeated keystrokes that are caused by slow and inaccurate finger movements. This feature is useful for people with hand control issues. After enabling this feature, when a user presses a key, there will be a delay in accepting that keystroke.

Enable filter keys

To enable the filter keys, open Control Panel.

Click on Ease of Access.

Ease of access settings

Then click on Choose how your keyboard works.

Choose how your keyboard works

To enable filter keys, check the box Turn on Filter Keys, then click on Set up filter keys.

Turn on Filter Keys

In the Setup filter keys window, you can enable a shortcut key that will turn on the filter key when you press SHIFT key 8 times.

Setup filter keys

In the Setup filter keys window, there are some filter options:

  • Turn on Bounce keys will enable the computer to ignore repeated keystroke for a specific duration.
  • Turn on repeat and slow keys will enable the computer to ignore the brief keystrikes for the duration that you specified.

The slow key is a feature that allows a user with physical disabilities to specify the duration for which they must press and hold the key for the system to accept that keystroke.

You can optimize your keyboard to ignore all the repeated keystrokes or you can specify a time interval to accept that keystroke.

After making the changes, click on Apply to save the changes.

In this article, I have you the simple steps to enable the filter keys. In future, if you do not want this feature, uncheck the same box set up filter keys to disable the filter keys.

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