How to Get Android Notifications in Windows 10

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Whenever you are working on your laptop or PC and a notification came on your phone. But your phone is not nearby you e.g. on charging or not near your study area. It might be possible that this notification is urgent and need a quick response over it and you may miss that. This is pretty much inconvenient. Here is a solution to avoid this inconvenience. You can get your Android notifications on your Windows 10 system by adding few settings to your phone and Windows. In this article, we will explain the full procedure to get your Android notifications on to your windows 10.

Get Android notifications in Windows 10

To get Android notifications in Windows 10, you need to follow the following procedure step by step. First of all, you need to connect your phone with your laptop or PC.

Connect the phone with laptop or PC

Type Settings in the search bar and select Settings from the menu bar as shown in the below image.

Windows Settings

Once Settings are selected, the following screen will appear:

Phone settings

Select Phone option as the above image is showing. As soon as you will select the Phone menu, it will ask you to add your phone with the PC or laptop and the following screen will appear:

Add a phone

Click Add a phone button and it will ask you to enter your country code and mobile number as shown in below image:

Link Android phone to pc

Now select Country Code and type Mobile Number in given space and click Send button. As you will click Send button, a text message will be received on your mobile. Here is the text message you will get:

Connect screen

Click the link mentioned in the text message. It will take you to Play Store and ask you to download the app named Microsoft Launcher as shown below:

Microsoft Launcher

Install the application into your phone. Open the application after installation and allow for permissions it asks for. After allowing all permissions, it will ask to login with the live account as shown below:

Connection successful

By clicking Lets Go button your phone is connected to the laptop or PC and settings will show the connected phone as follows:

Select phone from list

The phone is linked to the Windows 10 device. Now it’s time to turn the notifications on to laptop or PC with the connected phone.

Go back to Windows Settings and click Cortana. The following screen will appear:

Cortana across my devices

Select Cortana across my devices. The following screen will appear:

Get phone notifications on my PC

Turn on the phone notifications and install Cortana on the phone as highlighted in the above image. Launch the installed application on your phone and make settings to sync the phone and laptop/ PC.

Now you can receive all phone notifications on your Windows 10 Desktop.


By using this procedure you can easily get the notifications of the phone on to your laptop or PC with Windows 10. This is the ultimate solution if you don’t have quick access to your phone. There is no chance to miss any notification of your phone if you are working on your laptop or PC. You can also choose the applications of the phone for which you want to get notifications. You can also disable the notifications whenever you want.

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