How to Live Stream Games on YouTube

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YouTube gaming application is facilitating to live stream and record the games while playing. After recording your games, you can upload your recording on YouTube. This will help to grow your audience. You can live stream your games on YouTube without any additional hardware and cables. This also facilitates you to interact with others while playing games. You can also record your voice and reactions while playing games. This is the best way to reach out to your audience while playing games. In this article, we will guide you about the procedure to live stream games on YouTube.

Live stream Games on YouTube

First of all, you should have a good internet connection and speed. To check or test the speed of your internet connection please the following link:

As you will enter this URL in your web browser, the following page will open:

Click the GO button. It will take several seconds to calculate ping, download and upload speed. After calculating speed, the following page will appear:

After testing internet speed, download the OBS studio from the following URL:

Once setup is downloaded, install the software on your Windows. Once the software is installed on your Windows, it will show up like following after launching:

Click Settings to make settings of the software, so that you can live stream games on YouTube. After clicking on the Settings button, the following screen will appear:

Here you will be able to choose Language and Theme. Then click on Output menu and following screen will appear:

Here you can change your Output settings. Video Bitrate will depend on your internet speed. Further, you can change the settings according to you. Now click Stream menu and the following screen will appear:

Choose Service as YouTube/ YouTube Gaming. Then find the Stream Key. You can find your Stream Key by following this procedure:

Go to the with a signed in account. Click on the right side of the site and following options will appear:

Click My channel option. The following page will appear:

Now click CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL button. The following page will appear:

Click on Video button and select Go live option. As you will select Go live, the following page will appear:

Select the Get started button. It will ask to verify your account by displaying the following page:

Select Text me the verification code. Type your phone number and click Submit button. The following page will appear:

Enter your 6-digit verification code which you got on your mobile phone. Click Submit button.

As you will click the Submit button, the following page will appear:

Your account is verified now, click Continue button. It will take 24 hours to live stream from your account. Now go to your channel and click Live Streaming option.

Scroll down and search for Stream Name/ key. Click Reveal button and get Stream Key. Make sure that no one should know your stream name and key. If anyone has your stream name and key they will be able to go live from your YouTube channel.

Copy the Stream Key and paste it in your software’s field as shown below:

Click on Apply and Ok button. The following screen will appear:

Click + button in Sources section, a dialogue will open. Click Display Capture. Following dialogue will appear:

Click the OK button. Whatever you are doing on your screen will appear like this:

Click OK.

Select Start Streaming button and it will be connected to that YouTube channel for which you had entered Stream Key previously. The following page will appear:

After sometime stream will be online. Once the stream is online, the screen will look like this:

Here you can set up your stream options:

Click Advanced settings and set up more settings as follows:

You can enable live chat or automatically block spam messages. Furthermore, you can enable and disable different settings as per your requirements.


By following this method, you can live stream games on YouTube. With this, you can record the videos of playing games. As you are playing games you can also record your voice and reactions as well. During live streaming, all features will be available whatever settings you have made with the YouTube channel.

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