How to maintain Windows 10 Startup Applications

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Most applications provide a feature that always starts as Windows started. These startup applications can be effective, but they can also slow down the boot or start time and use resources from the system. Windows has long provided tools to manage startup applications. We can add startup applications through windows settings. Then disable or enable can be done through task manager.

In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to maintain Windows 10 startup applications through Task Manager.

Maintain Windows 10 Startup Applications

To maintain Windows 10 startup applications, follow this procedure step by step:

Click the Search button. Type Task Manager in the search bar and select the option as the following image is showing:

As soon as you will click the Task Manager option, the following program will open:

Click the down arrow of More details as highlighted in the above image. As soon as you will click the down error, the following screen will open:

Select the Startup tab from the Task Manager screen as highlighted in the above image. After clicking the Startup tab, the following options will appear:

It is good enough to justify doing some research on what the startup app does before you start disabling applications. For the appropriate functioning of the operating system and applications, you are using some startup apps are required. To disable any startup application, right-click on the application and choose Search online option as the following image is showing:

As soon as you will click the Search online option, a web page will open with the information of selected app like this:

After researching about the application, if the app will not have any impact on the functions of the operating system or other apps you can disable the applications. Right-click on the application and choose the Disable option as follows:

You can also disable the app by clicking on the Disable button at the right corner.


By following this procedure you can maintain Windows 10 Startup Applications.

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