How to make Windows 10 Desktop Icons Small or Extra Large

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by admin

Windows 10 lets you select big, medium, or small icons on your screen. But do you know there are several other choices for the size? With a fast shortcut that involves your mouse wheel, you can fine-tune the size of your desktop icons. The standard desktop icon sizes can be found in the context menu of the desktop. In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to make Windows 10 Desktop icons small or extra-large.

Make Windows 10 Desktop icons small or extra-large

To make Windows 10 Desktop icons small or extra-large, follow this procedure step by step.

Right click on the desktop and the following menu will appear.

Click on the View option and then choose any of these three options e.g. large icons, Medium icons and Small icons.


By following this procedure, you will be able to make Windows 10 desktop icons small or extra-large.

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