How to Remotely Troubleshoot Windows 10 PC (Without Using Any Third Party Software)

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Many times while using Windows 10, you or any of your friends can run into any problem. In this situation, you always need someone’s assistance who can guide you to resolve your issues. Most of us think that in order to get someone’s assistance for resolving our problems; we need that person to be present physically with us so that he can have a direct access to our computer system. This cannot always be possible. Therefore, there must be a way through which we can remotely resolve the issues without the need of being there physically. Fortunately, Windows 10 provides us a way through which we can remotely troubleshoot Windows 10 PC. In this article, we will explain to you a method through which you can remotely troubleshoot Windows 10 PC without using any third party software.

Remotely Troubleshooting Windows 10 PC without Using Any Third Party Software

In this method, we will tell you how you can troubleshoot Windows 10 PC remotely using the Quick Assist utility provided by Windows 10. For doing this, you will need to perform the following steps:

Type quick assist in the search section of your taskbar and then click on the search result in order to launch the quick assist dialogue box. The newly opened Quick Assist dialogue box is shown in the following image:

Windows Quick Assist

If you want to be the assistant, i.e. you want to provide help to someone then click on the option of Give Assistance from the image shown above.

In order to assist someone, you will need to have a Microsoft Account. If you do not have it, create it first. As soon as you will click on the Give Assistance option, you will be prompted to enter the email id of your Microsoft Account as shown in the image below:

Quick Assist - Sign in

Enter your email id and then click on the Next button.

After this, you will be prompted to enter the password of your Microsoft Account as shown in the following image:

Enter username and password

After entering your password, click on the Sign in button.

As soon as you will click on the Sign in button, you will be provided with a six-digit security code whose life is of 10 minutes i.e. if this code is not used within ten minutes of its generation, it will expire and you will have to generate another code. This code along with its expiration timer is highlighted in the image shown below:

Quick Assist security code

Now you will need to convey this security code to the person to whom you want to provide the assistance. You can either message or call that person in order to convey this code within its timeout.

The person on the other end will also have to launch the Quick Assist utility on his computer system in the very same manner.

Once he manages to launch it, he will have to click on the Get Assistance option.

After that, he will be prompted to enter the six-digit security code that you have conveyed to him as shown in the following image:

Enter security code

After entering the security code, that person will need to click on the submit button.

As soon as he will click on the submit button, Windows 10 will ask him to allow you to access his computer system. If he agrees to do that, a connection will be established between both the computer systems.

Once a successful connection is established, you will get the access to that person’s desktop. From there you can easily take the appropriate measures in order to resolve the other person’s issue.


In this article, we studied how we can use the Quick Assist utility provided by Windows 10 in order to troubleshoot Windows 10 PC remotely. The most useful thing about this utility is that it is very safe and secure. The six-digit security code generated by this utility expires after every 10 minutes and will have to be regenerated in order to access a PC. Moreover, the person providing the assistance must also have a valid Microsoft Account without which he will not be able to troubleshoot any PC remotely. These features provide a very high level of security and no unauthorized user can break into your computer system this way. The Quick Assist utility indeed provides a very helpful and easy way to troubleshoot any Windows 10 PC remotely.

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