How to Send an Email with Cortana in Windows 10

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Cortana has introduced a virtual assistant for the first time in Windows 10. It is quite intelligent and capable of performing several tasks for the user. However, there needs to set some prerequisites before using virtual assistants. To set up virtual assistance, first, go to Windows tab and move to Settings and select Cortana.

Cortana Settings

You need to set some permissions and allow Cortana to access certain applications. To allow Cortana send an email using your account, you must permit it to respond to yours or anyone else voice.

Talk to Cortana

Similarly, switch on the permissions for accessing other information. Switch on the services that you want to use with the assistance of Cortana. For the first use, you would need to set up and sync your email account with Cortana. Moreover, setup microphone and enable the feature to use “Hey Cortana”! By this means, whenever someone says “Hey Cortana”, the virtual assistant will come into action and will start responding to the questions. You can easily send an email to anyone from your contacts using Cortana assistance. Here is a guide to send an email using any of your email accounts that you have configured.

Press CTRL+C or speak loudly, “Hey Cortana, send an email”. As you ask this to Cortana, she opens a Window for you and asks who’s the email going to?

Hey Cortana, send an email

Speak the name of the person to send an email. Suppose, we ask Cortana to send an email to Microsoft. Cortana will herself find the email address of the Microsoft Family from your contacts list.

Recipient name

Later, Cortana will ask you what should the email say? Speak up the message that you want to write. Cortana will repeat the message and will ask if she should send the message? You have an option to send or cancel.

Email message

If you confirm to send an email then Cortana will proceed. However, if you say to Cancel then an email will not be sent but Cortana will ask you if you want to change the recipient or the subject in the composed email. You can ask to make changes and proceed. As you say to Send, Cortana will send and confirms that she has sent it.

Send Message using Cortana

Cortana can also help you perform other tasks as well like Sign out, restart, turn off, or Lock PC. You can ask Cortana to open specific apps or browse any information over the search engine. This way you can quickly set up or get the required information without making an effort. No need to type, search or open required apps but just speak up and the Cortana will open it for you in a second!

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