How to Use a Bluetooth Headset in Windows 10

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Whenever you are using a desktop PC, you must have to plug in separate speakers and microphone for listening and talking. If you don’t connect external speakers and microphones with a desktop computer you will not be able to listen to any conversation. Similarly, you will not be able to reach your voice to someone. Unlike that a laptop already has speakers and microphones, you don’t need to plug in external devices with it. Still, you can use external speakers and microphones with the laptop as well. But the problem of desktop PC is that you have to have external speakers and microphones. But here is the solution to this problem. Now you can use your mobile headset or headphones with a desktop PC. This will save your cost of external speakers and microphones. In this article, we will explain all the procedure to use your mobile headset with the desktop PC as a speaker and a microphone as well.

Use a Mobile Headset Microphone with a Desktop PC

To use a mobile headphone with a desktop PC as speaker and microphone, you need to follow the following procedure step by step:

First of all, you need to plug in your mobile headphones with the CPU of a desktop PC. After plugging in the headphones to PC, type Sound in the search bar. Select Sound option as shown in below image:

Windows Sound Controls

As you will select the Sound option. You will get the sound settings as a dialogue box. Image is given below:

Here you are going to check the speakers with the help of mobile headphones.

Playback > Speakers

Now Sound dialogue box is on your screen. Choose Playback device to configure or test the settings of speakers. As you will select the Playback tab, connected Speakers will appear under this tab. As the above image is showing.

Now you need to test the speakers that these are functional or not. Right click on Speakers option. Some menus will appear, select the Test menu. As shown in the below image:

Test Speakers and Headset

If speakers are working fine and configured properly, it should produce a ring sound in headphones and speakers must have green lines as shown in the below image.

Reduce ring sound

After checking the speakers, now you will test the microphone of your mobile headphone in a desktop PC.

Select the Recording tab in the Sound dialogue box. As you will click the Recording tab, all microphones will appear there. As the following image is showing:

Microphone settings on recording tab

All microphones are displayed here. The green check mark is indicating the enable and plugin microphone. Now to test that if this microphone is functional or not. Speak up in microphone if green lines are displaying in front of microphones, it means it’s functional and configured properly. The following image is indicating that the microphone is functional:

List of connected microphones


You can use your mobile headset with desktop PC by following the procedure mentioned in this article. Only you need to plug in your mobile headphones with desktop PC correctly. You don’t need to purchase expensive speakers and microphones for your desktop PC if you have mobile headphones. All types of mobiles headphones can be used with a desktop PC. You can enjoy listening to music, watching movies, have Skype calls and other meetings easily. This procedure will make it convenient for you to use a mobile headset with your desktop PC.

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