How to Use Cortana in Windows 10

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Microsoft’s digital assistant is known as Cortana. It helps you in searching for different things on your computer system. You can ask different questions from Cortana and you can even talk to it. It can help you in keeping reminders, notes, remembering certain important events etc. In this article, we will explain to you how you can use Cortana in Windows 10.

Using Cortana in Windows 10

In order to use Cortana in Windows 10, you need to perform the following steps:

Click on the search section of your taskbar to launch Cortana. The search section of your taskbar is highlighted in the following image:

Search section of Windows 10 Task Bar

As soon as you will click on it, a menu will pop up which is shown in the image below:

Windows 10 - Cortana

Now we will explore this menu. This menu displays the list of all your recent activities. By clicking on any of these activities, you can launch it easily.

This menu also displays some of the tasks that Cortana can perform such as “Open the Settings app” or “Remind me at 8 AM”. For checking, all the things that Cortana can do for you, just click on “See all tips”.

As soon as you will click on it, a list will appear which shows all the tasks that Cortana can perform. You can scroll through this list to view all the tasks as shown in the following image:

tasks that Cortana can perform

For searching anything using Cortana, just type it in the search box.

As soon as you will start typing, Cortana will display a list of all the possible matches. You can click on your desired result in order to launch it as shown in the image below:

Cortana Best Match

In order to talk to Cortana, click on the Settings icon located on the Cortana menu as highlighted in the following image:

talk to Cortana

This will launch the Settings window as shown in the image below:

Launch settings window by using Cortana

Turn the toggle button corresponding to the field of “Let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana” to the “on” state.

Now Cortana can listen to whatever you speak in your microphone and then it can reply to you accordingly.

You can also clear your Cortana search history anytime. For doing this, click on the Permissions and History tab. Then click on the Clear my device history button as highlighted in the image shown below:

Clear Cortana search history


In this article, we learned how to use the basic functionalities of the Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana. The use of Cortana makes things much easier and convenient for you. It provides you with a high level of customization and thus makes your environment a lot more user-friendly.

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