How to Use Drawing Tools in Windows 10 Mail

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A new function for the Windows 10 Mail application was recently launched by Microsoft to transmit emails with sketches directly into the e-mail body. This is an excellent way to design stuff like charts or tables to rapidly get your point though when plain text is not doing the trick. In this article, we will guide you with the whole procedure to use drawing tools in Windows 10 Mail.

Drawing Tools in Windows 10 Mail

To use the drawing tools in Windows 10 Mail, follow this procedure step by step:

Click the Search button. Type Mail in the search bar and select the option Mail as the following image is showing:

Windows 10 mail App

As you will select the Mail option, the Mail app will be opened. Now click New mail option on the left side of the screen as follows:

New Email

As you will click the New mail option, the following screen will appear:

Draw function

Select the Draw option as highlighted in the above image. Click in the area of the message body, then select the Drawing Canvas option as follows:

Add Drawing Canvas

As you will click the Drawing Canvas, the following screen will appear:

Insert Drawing

By default, the pen is enabled for Draw feature and you can draw or write in drawing canvas as indicated in the above image.

You can also add more pens. Click on the + sign. There will be two options Pen and Highlighter. Click any one option as follows:

Add Pen

As you will select the Pen option, different colors will appear with More Ink Colors option as follows:

More Ink Colors

You can select any color to draw or write your email content. The same case is for the Highlighter as below image is showing:



By following this procedure, you can use the drawing tool in Windows 10 Mail. Now you can make the content of your email interesting by using the Draw tool of Windows 10 Mail.

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