How to use “My People” within the taskbar of Windows 10

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You can now pin to the taskbar up to three of your favorite people and talk to them on Skype easily or send emails. This function will only become more useful with the integration of Windows Store apps. For example, the Facebook app from Windows 10 could connect with My People, enabling you to communicate with your favorite people directly from your taskbar. In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to use “My People” in the taskbar of Windows 10.

Use “My People” within the taskbar of Windows 10

To use “My People” within the taskbar of Windows 10, follow this procedure step by step:

Right-click on the taskbar and choose Show People on the taskbar as highlighted in the following image.

The icon of “My People” will show on the taskbar like this:

Click on the icon of “My People” and it will appear as follows. Click the Get started button as the following image is showing.

As soon as you click the Get started button, the following menu will appear:

People will show the contacts of connected applications as above image is showing. Apps option will show the connected apps and you can also connect other apps as well, like this:

As you have your contacts under People tab, click any contact and it will be pinned on the taskbar like this:


Click on the contact on the taskbar and it will show connected apps. Now click the app e.g. Mail as the above image is indicating. As soon as you will click the Mail app, it will open the mails from selected contact as follows:

You can also send emails to the selected contact by clicking the + sign as highlighted in the above image. As you will click the + sign, the following menu will appear:


Similarly, you can pin the contacts to the taskbar and chat with them whenever you want.


By following this procedure you can use “My People” on Windows 10’s taskbar.

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