How to use the built-in photos app from Windows 10

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Windows has always had methods to browse and view photos as a relatively flexible operating system. But with Windows 10, with some simple formatting to boot, Microsoft decided to attempt to mix browsing, arranging and displaying all together in one program. In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to use the built-in photos app from Windows 10.

Use the built-in photos app from Windows 10

To use the built-in photos app from Windows 10, follow this procedure step by step:

Right click on any photo and choose Open With -> Photos as follows:


As soon as you open the photo with Windows 10 Photo app, the picture will display like this:

There are five controls on the picture as highlighted in the above image.

First one is Zoom, the photo can be zoom in or out to view it closely as follows:

The second control is Delete. As you will click this button, the following dialogue box will appear:

Click the Delete button, if you don’t want this photo anymore.

The third control is Add to favorites. Click the heart button and photo will be added to favorites.

The fourth control is to Rotate. Click the button and it will rotate the photo.

Fifth control is Crop. As soon as you will click the Crop button, the following controls will appear:

Here you can crop and rotate the photo. Flip it and after changes in photo save as a new copy as the above image is indicating. On the same screen there are another option Filters as following image is showing:

Filters option will show many filters. Choose any filter of your choice and click the Save a copy button to save this filter. Next option is Adjustments as the following image is showing:

Click on the Adjustments option. Here you can adjust Light, Color, Clarity and Vignette and click on the Save a copy button to save the changes. All are highlighted in the above image.

Then there is an option of Edit & Create as the following image is showing:

Edit & Create feature has some more options e.g. Edit, Draw, Add 3D effects, add animated text, Create a video with music and Edit with Paint 3D as above image is showing.

Another option is to Share the photo. Click the Share option and you can share the photo through different Windows 10 apps as highlighted in the below image.

Click the Print button to take print of photo as follows:

There are many more controls of Photo app. We have covered some basic in the article.


You can apply the above-mentioned changes to your photo to make it more presentable.

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