How to Use Trace Route to Identify Network Problems Using Windows 10

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Many times while surfing on the Internet, you find it difficult to reach to a website. At times, the said website is working perfectly fine but still, you are unable to reach it. The reason behind that is your request passes through multiple hops before reaching to the actual destination. If any of these intermediate hops is not functioning properly, then your request will not reach to the desired destination. Whenever you run into such a situation, you always look for a way through which you can find out where the fault lies. Windows 10 provides you with a command called traceroute, which allows you to track the route of your packet from source to the destination. In this article, we will explain to you the method through which you can use traceroute to identify network problems using Windows 10.

Using traceroute Command to Identify Network Problems onWindows 10

In order to use the traceroute to identify network problems in Windows 10, you will need to perform the following steps:

Type cmd in the search section of your taskbar and click on the search result to launch a new Command Prompt window. The newly opened Command Prompt window is shown in the following image:

Open Windows Command Prompt

Type the command tracert XYZ in your Command Prompt and then press enter. Here XYZ represents the domain name or the IP address of the website that you want to target. It entirely depends upon your own choice whether you want to give the domain name or the IP address of the website. In this example, I will use traceroute to reach to Google. This command is highlighted in the image shown below:

using tracert command in Windows

As soon as you will press enter, traceroute will start sending empty packets to the nearest hops and they reply within the stipulated time stamps as shown in the following image:

Tracert command scans network route

If all the intermediate hops and the destination website are working fine, then after some time, Command Prompt will display the trace completion message as highlighted in the image shown below:

Tracert command result

However, if any of the intermediate hops take longer than the stipulated time to reply, then you can immediately identify the faulty hop because it will not respond back and the Command Prompt will display a timeout message as shown in the following image:

Network hops found by tracert


In this way, you can easily identify the network problems using the traceroute command in Windows 10. As soon as you will run this command, you will immediately know that which hop is not working properly and if every hop including the destination is working well, then your traceroute will be successfully completed.

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